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Dez caught it … or did he?

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Steratore just happened to be involved in not one, but two of the most infamous non-catch rulings in league history. He was also in on a play that Cowboys fans will never, ever get over: the Dez Bryant non-catch in divisional play against the Packers following the 2014 season.

Dez did not, in fact, catch it. It was the proper application of a deeply flawed rule. A player has to control the ball all the way through the catch when going to the ground, and Bryant did not.

According to the new catch rule passed in March, Dez did catch it.

his brother’s a back judge for the NFL. He officiated Super Bowl XXXIV. His cousin, Frank Steratore Jr., refs D1 basketball and B1G football

While Steratore is done with the NFL, it isn’t clear yet if he’ll continue to officiate NCAA basketball like his brother and cousin, or if he’ll stick to just his CBS job. But he’s the fourth referee to leave the job this offseason:

For better or worse, Steratore was one of the most recognizable officials in the NFL. With yet another veteran official gone, the NFL’s referee corps will look very different in 2018 and beyond.

Recent history indicates spending a first-round pick on a wide receiver is unlikely to pay dividends in the following year, if at all. But Ridley and Moore, relatively underrated prospects who landed in accommodating situations with winning teams, are built to break through that curve. Trends suggest they’ll struggle, but the Falcons and Panthers will give these first-year wideouts the chance to outshine those expectations in 2018 and beyond.

Yelling at children is a bold move.

Cam Newton has heard all the criticism over his Super Bowl 50 performance over the last couple of years, but it was some kids at a football camp in Florida that pushed him over the edge.

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