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Le’Veon Bell optimistic about getting long-term deal done with Steelers

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Bell is reportedly seeking a contract worth $17 million annually. The three-time Pro Bowl and two-time All-Pro selection will play for $14.5 million under the franchise tag.

The NHL’s neutral site experiment ran for two seasons from 1992-94. Bettman ended it in May 1995, settling with the NHLPA with a lump sum payment for the games that would have been played in 1995-96. (Please recall the lockout cutting the season in half, leaving no room for the games that season.)

Of course, teams will change players, and players will change career trajectories, no matter the position or role. But we can measure the variance.

From one year to the next, team defense — as measured by Ultimate Zone Rating — has shown a correlation of about .44 since 2013. (In statistics, a correlation of 1 means a perfect correlation, and a correlation of 0 means no more relationship than randomness.) From one year to the next, team offense has shown a correlation of .41. Teams’ starting pitchers — as measured by sOPS+ for each team’s starters — have shown a year-to-year correlation of .55.

Bullpen quality is much more fluid. The correlation from year to year, by bullpen sOPS+, has been just .30. I’m not sure that’s the best stat to measure bullpen quality, given that it includes the mop-up men working meaningless innings. So if we look at the year-to-year correlations by bullpen Win Probability Added — which puts much more emphasis on the key pitchers who are called in when the game is on the line — the correlation drops to .20.

Francis, 28, recorded 18 tackles in six games with the Redskins last season. He previously had stints with the Dolphins and Seahawks before signing with the Giants in May.

Frame these games as a charitable effort, as a way for players and teams to connect with hockey fans around the nations, and as a way for those hockey fans to contribute, in some small way, to the well-being of players who sacrifice their bodies and health for their entertainment. Perhaps this is a way to raise awareness of this health crisis, even if the NHL probably chooses to portray it as post-retirement benefits and nothing more.

The next stop is San Jose in January 2019, for the second time in its history. Six NHL teams have yet to host the weekend in their current stadia: The Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, New Jersey Devils, Washington Capitals, Winnipeg Jets and Vegas Golden Knights.

Where is it headed next? The league has sent out requests for proposals, but not just for the 2020 edition: The NHL has asked cities about the next three seasons and expects to reveal not one but three All-Star Games at the next announcement.

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